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"Nothing that wouldn't have as
Jean-Claude Féret


Welcome to this site, dedicated

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All along, on these pages, you will be accompanied by background music, which you can turn off if you wish, but you can also take a rest, sit down a moment on the benches meant for that purpose, and listen to the end of the piece.

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During this promenade, you will find:

Works published in different domains : links to the editor (to obtain the works « on paper » or as ebooks)

Various works to consult or discover here, plus sometimes a link to download:

Recordings realized mostly in concert during the last 20 years. Some are used as background music all along these pages; others could be consulted at the page "about the author", at the page "Masterpieces to discover" or at the page "odds and ends".

• Some of my unpublished writings, short texts and poems, some illustrated.

Some samples of not too well known masterpieces, or even totally unknown, recorded in concert, not always in optimum conditions (sorry ! : some old audio cassettes oxided, and the randomity of live recording), but, since they are the only ones, please, judge by music only!... that was the only way to possibly attract the attention of some connoisseurs to those works and composers… it being a shame to let them gather dust at the bottom of a drawer...


Adventure Novels in French (at present) for the young from 10 or 12 years and later

Works for the little ones (in French) in collaboration with Maria (as printed booklet, CD, DVD), musical tale, poems, songs for children from 4 or 5 years as well as the material for use in school.

Theoretical works on music and musical theory, the modern violin, the baroque violin, and other earlier bowed instruments.

Sheet music of some of my compositions, for various instruments and ensembles (violin, flute, piano, harp, string quartet...), for performance, but also compositions for students of all levels.

Future project : to increase the above material with the publication of the musical parts from works of great value, from unknown or forgotten composers, now in the public domain, and out of publication.

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