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Miscellaneous things which do not seem classifiable elsewhere are on this page. The term "Odds and ends" refers only to the variety and not the quality of the works, of course. For instance I'd like to present Chopin in a way that may be surprising to some, but I personally consider it to be the only way to play it while remaining faithful to the spirit of Chopin. The pianist is Christine Hartley-Troskie.




Since I am presenting some pieces played by this pianist, I'll add two more, not by Chopin this time, but by Isaac Albeniz.

Two little jewels out of Iberia :
Evocaçion and then, El Puerto.




In a very different genre, but that's the reason why this page is called "odds and ends", a recorded concert performance of the Haydn trio called "Gipsy trio" by "Pupitre 14" (that's us)



Again, a "Pupitre 14" concert (first generation of it [1976], see "About the author"), that we gave in1976 at the Château de Chantilly :

The Prokofieff sonata for 2 violins… Beautiful piece


A concert named : « 18th century : one century of violin music ». The goal, besides making people discover works mostly long forgotten was to show the evolution of violin playing in France, from the beginning to the end of the 18th century, including the Italian influence up to Mozart.



2 Pièces for violon & piano from that Czeck composeur, son-in-law of Dvořák.



Souvenir d'un lieu cher (souvenir of a beloved place) (3 pièces for violin & piano)


Quintet with clarinet




Méditation for solo violin





Glinka, Hasselmans, Tournier, Fauré, Hindemith, Jolivet, Debussy, Ibert, Quatrefages


Étude n° 7


Nocturne n° 1

Nocturne op9 n°2

Haydn trio


Baroque music for 2 violins or violin & viola

Josef Suk

Peter Illyitch Tchaïkovski

Karl Maria von Weber

Jean-Claude Féret

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Odds & Ends

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