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Construction of instruments (picts and Audio)

Document from the CNRS (National Center for Scientific research) about the restoration of the painting from Veronese, « The Wedding at Cana » (Louvre), which was used as a model for my big five stringed bass viola da gamba.

All published books (covers and commentaries), as well as those in preparation, links to the editors.

• Preview of the texts

• Preview of the illustrations

Published music parts (covers, comments, previews, audio previews) :

For the concert

For the students

Published CD et DVD (covers, comments, audio previews)

Titles of all presented texts or poems, and the links to each (one page per title)

Little known or unknown works from known or unknown composers, that deserve their place in the general repertoire.

A few words on each composer or each of these works, and the links to audio documents. They were sometimes compiled by categories, or by composer on a same page.

Recordings realized in concert, and already proposed on various P2P networks (particularly on Vuze-Azureus), works that I like generally to let be listened to and be discovered, examples, etc.

N. B.: As before, the files were sometimes compiled by categories, or by composer on a same page.

• Attic :

This is the place where I put all works that, despite being of real interest (e.g. due to their rarity), wouldn't offer enough quality to be listened to for pleasure alone (recording conditions, live performance hazard, deterioration of the support due to age)… they will then be offered here only as documentary help, and for the sole and unique purpose to let those interested, discover them...

Addresses, links, mail address, orders, comments, observations, questions…

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