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Fritz Kreisler, Schön Rosmarin. (from the vinyl disc : "À la Belle Époque, Musiques dans un Salon": famous encores)

Violin J-C Féret,

Piano Christine Hartley-Troskie

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Pablo de Sarasate, Gipsy tunes, recorded during a concert in 1990

Violin : J-C Féret,

Piano : Christine Hartley-Troskie

Page About the author:

Charles de Bériot, Scène de ballet (from the vinyl disc : "À la Belle Époque, Musiques dans un Salon")

Violin : J-C Féret,

Piano : Christine Hartley-Troskie

Page Books :

Marin Marais, Bells of the Church Sainte Geneviève du mont (Paris). recorded during a concert in Rouen.

Violin : J-C Féret,

Gamba : Béatrice Tilloy,

Cembalo : Anne-Lise Féret.

Page CD/DVD:

Maria : Texte

Jean-Claude Féret : Music, « Toc, toc... Qui est là ?...» ( from the tale « Drôle de planète »)

Recitant : Maria

Piano, violin : J-C Féret.

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Romanian folklore (Arrangement J-C F) The lark, as an encore after a concert (26/11/92)...

Violin : J-C Féret

Piano : Anne-Lise Féret

Some pictures :

A. Dvořák, sonatine, 3d movement.

Violin, J-C Féret

Piano, Anne-Lise Féret

Reconstitution of instruments :

Audio example of the bowed hurdy-gurdy

Middle-Ages, Carmina Burana (Dulce solum...)

Voice, bowed hurdy-gurdy, arco, bowed hurdy-gurdy, pizz, cymbalet : J-C Féret

Audio example of the bass de viola da gamba

Renaissance : Pavin, « Belle qui tiens ma vie »

3 Renaissance violins, Bass viola da gamba, recorder, drum : J-C Féret.

Musical examples:


Ductie (danse)

bowed hurdy-gurdy, recorder, Tambourins : J-C Féret


Pavane (Belle qui tiens ma vie)

3 Renaissance violins, recorder, Bass, and of course percussion.

All instruments : J-C Féret

Loe Heere another Love, for 2 Renaissance violins.

Violins : J-C Féret.


Vivaldi, sonata in G minor

Violin, Jean-Claude Féret

Cembalo : Christine Hartley-Troskie

Bassoon, X (explaned on the page)

Tartini, last sonata a violino solo (mvt 1)

Baroque violin, Jean-Claude Féret

Beethoven, sonatas 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10.

Piano : Christine Hartley-Troskie

Violin : Jean-Claude Féret
















A little word of explanation : apart from the concerts and extracts from the CD "Belle Époque" where there was one player per instrument, some background music you will hear is from the musical tale "Drôle de planète", and my name as the player of many instruments supposed to be played together, may appear erroneous...

The fact is that, to produce this tale, Maria wrote the text, and recorded the parts for female voice, and I did the rest by myself, i.e. the composition, sound recording and engineering, and for larger groups, I multi-tracked... in rare cases, when I was unable to play a particular instrument that I needed (harp,horn, bassoon...) , or when the part for cello or piano was much too demanding for me, I had to call in for someone else's help, after all, I am chiefly a violinist and violist.

Jean-Claude Féret






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