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The editor doesn't publish CD or dVD anymore, so, should you want it, please, contact me.


The editor doesn't publish CD or dVD anymore, so, should you want it, please, contact me.

À la Belle Époque, Musiques dans un Salon

(Famous encores)

These little works, known by everyone a century ago, snobbed by the great players, often damaged by the others, have however only one goal: to please. They say what they have to say, with simple words this is true, but nevertheless, their message is finally the same as that of many great works: life, death, joy, love, suffering, the pleasure of dancing… Incidentally, when played strictly as written, they recover most often a greatness that had been lost by vandalising in the name of commerce. Master tape remasterized from an LP published in 1987.

Gzardas (Monti), Rève d'enfant (Ysaÿe), Souvenir (Drdla), Tango (Albeniz), Méditation de Thaïs (Massenet), Valse triste (Sibelius), Schön Rosmarin (Kreisler), Serenata (Toselli), Berceuse (Fauré), two mazurkas (Wieniawski), Scène de ballet (de Bériot)

Violon : Jean-Claude Féret

Piano : Christine Hartley-Troskie

Jean-Claude Féret


Comment se comprendre… (How to understand each other)

music in the style of différent folklores : Chine, USA...


Un petit hérisson… (A little hedgehog)

music for cembalo in the style of S Bach


Comme un oiseau… (Like a bird)

electro-acoustic music and sound effects

Poems out of "Funny planet!" (in French)

The poems are from Maria and the accompanying musics are from Jean-Claude Féret

It was taken out of the big musical tale for children: "Funny Planet" (in 40 episodes, 21 poems et 10 songs).

from the age of 4 or 5, without superior limits.

The subjects of those poems are very varied : How to understand each other, looking the same or not the same, houses, seasons, Christmas, Easter, our planet, the voyages, etc....

The musics are original and composed in the various styles of the different periods and of the different composers, using many instruments: piano, cembalo, violins, viola, cello, xylo, glock, percussions, etc.


A booklet is available at lulu:


N.B. : As a project, reedition of it under the form of few multimedia inter-active DVD: the musical tale « Funny Planet » complete (the tale in 40 episodes, the poems, the songs, musical introductions, the pictures, the exercises, and all the accompanying written material to be used by the teachers for their nursery classes.

Extracts (in mp3) of this CD, are used all along those pages (if you whish, just go to the page title of the pieces)


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