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See you soon back !

If for any reason you'd wish to contact me: particular request, commentaries, critics, or only to simply exchange some views or ideas, you are welcome to do it, and here is my email address :

And also, here is the thread to my editor (French publications area):

You'll find there of course where to order my books, my musical parts and CDs (category "Arts, musique, cinéma") but also a multitude of works from others, including in other languages:

You'll find also all the details concerning lulu, if you wish to publish some works yourself: Books, Pictures-albums, calendars, leaflets, CD, DVD, would it be privately or to be sold in books stores, for one single examplar or 1000:

I don't have any actions in there business, but I am simply pleased with their service.

Since this page is a zone of threads, I take the oportunity to indicate also here some works from authors that I know or not, but that have touch me, would it be by their humor, or their poetic content, the power of their emotions or their tenderness.

On the site lulu :

from Catherine Dodane (in French):


(by a specialist in the horses, a book full of tenderness : the turbulent youth and the love of an orphan foal, really special, raised with a feeding bottle)


From Macha Sener (in French):

Ma Divine Comédie

(a collection of poems of an intense emotion, the rough advance of someone who has just lost everything)


From Mamazon (in French):

Mon homme au foyer

(A relation day by day, a diary full with an odd drolery and a humour which never gets out of breath)




Jean-Claude Féret


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