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Compositions for the concert


The style is contemporary, but in the prolongation of Eugène Ysaÿe's spirit, it is: writing first for the violin, and through the violin, and with the unique goal of transmitting emotions.

1st movement: lento, espressivo, and sonorous, based on the quotation of an original poem:

"…In the heart of my silence

I seek the echo of your smile…"

A continual search, interrupted with silences, interrogations…

2d movement: tormented, brutal, here also on an original quotation:

"… my only star

my only light

In this Ocean where I navigate,

In this storm

my unique compas,

that's the light of your glance…"

From the greatest brutality, slowly emerges a single note : an "A" at diverse heights, bringing slowly calm and peace.

3d movement: Written on a sentence in Wallony dialect, quoted by Ysaÿe in his "Chant d'hiver".

"…despite all,

I seem to perceive

the song from our water,

quivering under the ice."

From a scattering of small, short, trebble notes, sharp as cristals of iced snow when they hit the face, occasionaly interrupted by that A in harmonics, slowly merge the fragments of a melody, sensual and painful…





the style is the same as in the preceding piece. The two violins taking part equally in the dialogue. Each of the 2 movements has as a title, a quotation, a piece of a sentence, heard or read once as a teenager, and then buried in the memory… original title was actually : Phrases…

First movement: "…the world is a desert!"

Over protracted double-stops, exchanged between first and second violin, phrases, exclamations, interrogations spurt out, melodic fragments, tender or passionate…

Second movement: "…it's born in us, and one must receive it with gratitude…"

From nothing, a haze of small short notes, on random rythms (but within strictly established rules) a melodic line rises slowly, changes, metamorphoses into a song, winding and unwinding itself, from one violin to the other, in a sort of voluptuous game, advancing more and more toward expression and tenderness, and in the same time enlarging the range, finally returning to nothing.

NB: In the joint preview, the general structure of the second movement has been a little (very little) adapted to be used as support for one of the poems from « Drôle de planète », and thus, doesn't follow exactly the rules given for the execution of it.




Compositions for students

BERCEUSE (lullaby) for string quartet


Short piece for students at the end of the first year of study.

(semi-tone 2d/3d & 1st/2d fingers)

Conductor and parts.


(Dedicated to my daughter, Aurore)


Short and easy concert piece (violin & harp or piano) for students in their 3d or 4th year of study.


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1st movement

3d mouvement

Preview: first page of the sheet HERE

Preview: first page of the sheet HERE

Preview: first page of the sheet HERE

Preview: first page of the sheet HERE

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Compositions for the concert

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Compositions for students

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