Jean-Claude Féret

Haydn trio

This trio, Haydn's most popular, got the nickname of "Hungarian trio", and also of "Gipsy trio" (even if it is not really the same thing) because of its Finale that uses themes and recalls the Gipsy's style (which in fact changed very little since the 18th century). That was a concert "Pupitre 14", in whichChristine Hartley was the cellist (a picture of that concert is on the page "some pictures" ).

Although we were using modern instruments (lacking a proper piano-forte), the style of playing respects as much as possible the playing conventions of Haydn, and even, playing the last Rondo, the playing style of the Hungarian popular music as it was already established at that time.


1st movement : Andante (with variations)

2d movement : Poco adagio cantabile

3d movement : Rondo all'ongarese


Piano: Anne-Lise Féret

Violin: Jean-Claude Féret

Violoncello: Christine Hartley-Troskie

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Haydn trio