Bernhard Molique, quatuor n° 2 opus 17

This quartet, as much by its composition that is really irreproachable, than by its musical and emotional contents, is truely a magnificent work. Rather close from Spohr, and even Onslow, it probably dates from around 1840.

I'll do, concerning the dramatic circumstances surrounding that concert (Pleyel, Molique, Rode, Onslow) the same remarks as for Onslow's string quartet (HERE), and i'll give one more precision concerning the recording: the cassette runned to its end before the end of the finale, and, reversing automatically resumed the recording, but missing quite a few bars.

As for Onslow, I succeeded however in limiting the damages, having been able to use as replacement for the missing part, an almost similar place from the beginning of the movement. "Almost" similar, in fact it means, being written in another key, I had to transpose it a third lower (therefore the sound of the instrument is slightly different), and also for the fact that the last few running notes, given the first time to the cello, are supposed to be played the second time an octave higher by the viola. However, it seemed to me that it is preferable now than with just few bars of silence !




Andante non poco



Concert Pupitre 14




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Bernhard Molique


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