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Ignace Pleyel, quatuor à cordes

This excellent quartet, recorded at the same concert than Onslow's quartet, suffered from the same dramatic circumstances during the preparation of the concert (more details HERE).

It could be from the best Haydn. The language, even if clear and simple, is never common, and always there is, here or there, that unexpected modulation, or that thematic answer, and all along, those exchanges between the four instruments, like those in a assembly of good standing people where every one takes part at the discussion, adding his comment here or there, with his own words and his proper personality.

Would it be for its first movement, full of an elegant virtuosity, for that second one, so sadly melancholic, or that trepidating finale, with its hunting horn calls, this work has its place in the world inheritance, from what finally only a very small part is played.






Concert Pupitre 14





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Ignace Pleyel